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Product Ingredients Popularity Trial Guarantee Website
1. Fysiko Eyelashes Fysiko EyeLash All-natural botanicals HIGH Trial Available 30 Day Trial Fysiko EyeLash
Number 1 because Fysiko is natural, Fysiko Eyelashes has high customer ratings, natural ingredients AND it’s affordable! The best all around we have found! (see full review)
2. Idol Lash

Idol Lash

All-natural botanicals HIGH Trial
14 Day Trial Idol Lash
This is #2 because Idol Lash has high customer ratings, natural ingredients and free 14 days trial. (see full review)
3. smart lash eyelash SmartLash Multiple polypeptides



30 Day Trial SmartLash
Highly rated ingredients, good customer reviews, free trial AND money-back guarantee! Can’t ask for more than this! (see full review)

Alera Lash

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf ExtractPentapeptides Low 90 DayGuarantee 90 Day


Alera Lash
Great ingredients and a 90 day guarantee. Great feedbacks(see full review)
5. lilash eyelash growth serum


Prostaglandin Analogue

Colloidal silver

Botanical extracts

90 Day
LiLash customers are loyal for a reason. The 90 day guarantee is nice too. (see full review)
5. rapidlash eyelash growth serum


Isopropyl Chloprostinate




Money Back Guarantee RapidLash
A good formula at a good price with many happy repeat customers. (see full review)


Cellulose LOW No


100% Money Back Guarantee DreamLash
DreamLash does everything it says it gonna do at a great 2 for 1 price. It also comes with nice free gift AND a money-back guarantee! (see full review)
7. Latisse Eyelash Growth



Prostaglandin analogue

HIGH No Trial No Guarantee Latisse
Got money? Buy Latisse. It gets great reviews, but it’s not the only option. (see full review)





HIGH No Trial No Guarantee StimulashFusion
Suspicious before and after photos. Very little product information on website. No or free trial or guarantee. Not impressed. (see full review)





90 Day Guarantee

(see full review)

grow longer eyelashes

How to grow long eyelashes

Remove makeup properly to grow longer eyelashes

It is very important to make sure not to have mascara and eyeliner on your eyes for longer time than necessary. The best way is to make sure to remove makeup before bed or even as soon as get back home from work or school.
Eyelashes will get ruined by chemicals in mascara and eyeliner, so it is essential for eyelash growth to remove makeup as soon as possible.

Use proper eye makeup remover

It is seem to be obvious, every makeup needs specific makeup remover to be cleaned off the face successfully. yet a lot of women don’t use proper makeup removers. Some makeup removers are “gentle” and designed for regular light makeup and wouldn’t remove waterproof makeup of long lasting eyeliner. While it is gentle and non irritating, using this kind of remover to take off waterproof makeup wouldn’t be affective and will leave some of mascara behind.
Best eye makeup remover will allow to wipe off makeup without rubbing. Everyone who cares about length and volume of eyelashes need to pay attention of daily routine and how it affects eyelashes. Constant usage of improper eye makeup remover, or rubbing eyes everyday because without physical strength makeup just wouldn’t come off, will ruin any attempts to grow longer eyelashes.


Eyelashes are little hairs. Just like we condition hair extensively, eyelashes need to be conditioned as well. Eyelash conditioner easy could be just natural virgin olive oil, applied very lightly to eyelashes at least twice a week. Be careful not to get into your eyes and not to overuse it. Also more sophisticated eyelash conditioner for longer eyelashes could be made by mixing 1 part of extra virgin olive oil with one part of avocado oil, one part of castor oil and 2 parts of Vaseline. This could be applied to eyelashes twice -three times a week to condition eyelashes using clean mascara or disposable mascara brush. This solution would not replace eyelash growth serum, but will help eyelashes to be longer, look healthier and shiner.

Use eyelash growth serum

Usage of eyelash growth serum would be reasonable if there is a big eyelash loss due to age, hormonal changes or extensive rubbing. Some ladies lose eyelashes after taking off eyelash extensions. Brows could get much thinner or have bald spots after overplucking. Also with age eyelashes and eyebrows are not very enthusiastically growing. It makes sense to use eyelash growth serum if there is a length, density loss in eyelashes and eyebrows, or experienced eyelash or eyebrow loss.
Here are some pictures of before and after Fysiko Eyelash Serum
eyelash growth serums review
eyelash growth serum reviews

eyelash growth reviews
Fysiko Eyelash Serum

Most effective eyelash growth serum

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Most effective eyelash growth serum

Most effective eyelash growth serum is FYSIKO Eyelash Growth Serum. There are many eyelash growth serums on the market. LATISSE, prescription treatment for not enough eyelashes, requires doctor’s prescription, costs about $100.00, plus doctor’s appointment. LILASH, distributed by many spas and salons, is about $120.00 for 4 months supply, makes eyelashes mostly longer, but not thicker. FYSIKO eyelash growth serum is very effective, works fast and efficient. It does not do magic, but pretty close to it… It provides longer and...

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Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum

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Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum

Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum is great solution for anyone who wants longer, fuller, more eyelashes! Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum works on eyebrows too! Whatever your case is, did you lose eyelashes due to age, sickness, hormonal changes, over plucking or malnutrition, Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum when used daily for 4 months will help to fill up bold spots, enhance appearance of eyelashes for longer, fuller eyelashes. This is result of 8 weeks of using Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum Grow eyelashes naturally with Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum. Active...

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