How to grow long eyelashes naturally

How to grow long eyelashes naturally

Any woman would like to know how to grow long eyelashes naturally.

Eyelashes are frames for eyes and it looks like most women strive to have longer, fuller, more eyelashes.
Eyes look much bigger and more defined with longer and fuller eyelashes. Some women spend good 20 minutes in the morning perfecting their eyelashes. They apply eyelash curler and eyelash primer before adding three-four layers of eyelash mascara, all just to make eyelashes to look longer or fuller, or both. Although there is a trend when eye makeup left unfinished without mascara, but while looking on the picture on the left, it is easy to see that makeup without mascara or long eyelashes looks unfinished and not defined. grow long eyelashes naturally
Mascaras, which makes eyelashes look longer or fuller, make millions of dollars to their creators, because women are always in the search to enhance their beauty and eyelashes and eyebrows are very important part of it.

There are some tips you cam use to have longer and fuller eyelashes:

  • When using a lash curler, don’t pull on your eyelids. Eyelashes get easily damaged.
  • Remove your mascara before you go to sleep. Chemicals in eyeliner and mascara will destroy eyelashes. The stiffness from the mascara can break lashes.
  • Use a gentle makeup remover. Pat or dab at your lids – don’t rub or pull. The best eye makeup remover is oil based which you can use to soak eye makeup with and then just wipe makeup off without any rubbing.
  • Castor Oil to Grow Long Eyelashes Naturally

    Just like olive oil, castor oil can be applied to the base of the eyelashes nightly, before sleep, to help grow thicker, stronger, healthier eyelashes. For those that don’t know, castor oil is an all natural oil that comes from the castor seed (or bean, depending on who you ask). There are several other uses for castor oil, including several health uses.

    Emu Oil to Grow Long Eyelashes Naturally

    Emu oil is made from the fat of the emu bird from Australia. It’s an easily penetrable oil that stimulates dormant follicles into producing hair again. A number of people have achieved success in growing scalp hair with emu oil, and people using it on their eyelashes have been pleased with the results as well. Apply a light coating of the emu oil to the lash line in the evenings before bed.
    how to grow longer eyelashes

    Olive Oil to Grow Long Eyelashes Naturally

    Olive oil has been known to help with the growth of eyelashes, and can also be used on eyebrows. Extra virgin oil oil should be used, and can be purchased at most grocery stores. Olive oil should be applied to a clean, makeup free area at the base of the eyelashes before going to sleep. A Q-tip or other type of small applicator can be used. After using the olive oil on a daily basis, eyelashes should begin to grow out thicker and longer. This is more than likely due to the conditioning properties of the olive oil, making the new eyelashes healthier and stronger that it is doing much to the existing eyelashes.

    Just like you condition your hair, you need to condition your lashes.

    Most simple suggestion is to put a thin layer of Vaseline or Aquaphor over your lids at night. Over-the-counter lash conditioners can also help. They usually contain ingredients like vitamins or emollients to strengthen and moisturize lashes.
    A lash conditioner can help stop breakage so your lashes look longer in a matter of weeks.
    how to grow long eyelashes naturally
    For serious help with eyelash and eyebrow growth, use strong formula, like Fysiko Eyelash Serum .

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