How to apply basic eye makeup

Tips on how to apply basic eye makeup.

No matter what colors of shades you’re using, this technique will create a flattering makeup look with color that really lasts.
Simple instructions on how to apply on how to apply basic eye makeup.
1. Prime your eyelid. Eyeshadow will last longer if it’s not applied directly to bare skin (oil on the lids can cause shadow to crease, while dry lids will absorb moisture from the shadow, leaving blotchy color), so sweep foundation or concealer over the top.

2. Fill in the brows. Choose an eyebrow pencil that’s the same color, or, if you are blonde or a redhead and have very pale eyebrows, one shade darker than your natural eyebrow color. Using light strokes, gently color over your eyebrows to add emphasis. If needed, apply lighter shadow over the brows. Clear mascara or eyebrows sealer will finish eyebrow makeup.

3. Choose your shades. For this look you need light eyeshadow, medium eyeshadow and dark eyeshadow. It doesn’t matter the colors as son as they go well together. For cool skin colors try ivory, dove gray and charcoal. For warm skin color – taupe, beige and chocolate brown. Dust the light color over the whole lid and socket.
how to apply basic eye makeup
4. Mow, take the medium color shade and apply it to the eye socket and the outer corner. Blend it well.

5. Take the darkest shade and, using a sponge appliccator, apply a thin line of this along the top lid and around the bottom as close to the lashes as you can get. Blend this well with another applicator or a Q-tip to create a smudgy line. Finally, apply plenty of mascara

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