10 Hair Growth Tips Women Overlook

10 Hair Growth Tips Women Overlook

Read 10 Hair Growth Tips Women Overlook!

Everyone wants to have beautiful hair; for women it is extremely important, as healthy and shiny hair is one of the main beauty marks.

10 Hair Tips Women Usually Overlook

1. Hair health comes from inside.
Our body manages nutritions in very smart way. First most nutrition goes to main and essential for life organs, brain, heart, stomach, liver, kidneys, etc.
Whatever is left goes to skin, nails, hair, eyelashes.
If your skin or hair look dull, it is a great time to take a look at your diet and ask yourself if you supply your body with enough protein to build new cells, if there is enough vitamin supply to spare for vital organs and for hair, nails and skin. Take vitamin supplement always. Biotin, Vitamin C and B Complex are must for healthy hair, nails, skin and eyelashes.


2. Not everyone knows that trimming hair is very important
It is very important to trim your hair because you need to get rid of unhealthy dead split ends. If left untrimmed, split ends will go up and damage the rest of the hair. Also, unhealthy hair ends usually do not absorb color well and look dull despite shiny products you may apply, it will ruin the look of the rest of your hair.

3. Sun protection
Have you ever heard that if there wouldn’t be sun exposure we wouldn’t have any wrinkles? Sun rays destroy healthy skin and healthy hair. It looks pretty to have your hair sunkissed, but in reality it will be better to cover your hair with hat or put your hair under cover to make sure it is not exposed to sun. If you tan, cover your hair, it will be damaged by sun or ultraviolet lamps. Apply sunscreen spray to your hair, it will provide protection when you can’t cover your hair.

4. Wear a cap while swimming in the pool
Chlorine is absolutely horrible for hair health. it used to be very common to wear hair cap while swimming. Professional swimmers do, and general public doesn’t. Who cares what others will think if you show up at the pool in a haircap. They may think you are professional swimmer? or just a person who wants to protect her hair from chlorine. If cap is not possible, wet your hair before to go to the pool and apply a lot of very moisturizing conditioner to soak your hair in it and leave it on.

5. Scalp massage
Hair start growing from folicules. It is important to stimulate folicules to have your hair grow faster and healthier. It is recommended to apply deep conditioner once – twice a week and it is great opportunity to massage your scalp.

6.Rinse your hair with Vinegar.
It is not old wives tale – vinegar rinsing will make your hair shinier and will create natural protection for your hair.

7. Make Aloe vera masque for hair once a week.Aloe plant for hair
It is known that succulent plants are loaded with nutrients, vitamins and have amazing healing power. Take few leaves of Aloe Vera, add some water, honey and olive oil. Blend in blender and apply to roots and hair once a week, rinse in 15-20 min. Follow with vinegar.

8. Do not use hot water to wash your hair
Hot water is really bad for your hair. Use warm or luke warm water to wash hair to avoid more damage.

9. Exfoliate scalp
Exfoliating scalp will insure proper folicule hair, therefore it is absolutely necessary to get gentle scrab and exfoliate follicules at least once a week. Use three fingers and massage your scalp, going in circles.

10. Drink green tea
Green tea increases blood circulation to your hair. Drink green tea and quit smoking if you smoke, because smoking reduces that blood circulation.

These were 10 Hair Growth Tips Women Overlook.

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